August Favourites ❤ (by teaandtoastify)

Hey all! August is over and I have gathered some favourites this month!

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Leslie Knope tries impressions and accents


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Anonymous asked:

Thin/Skinny people get shamed as well. Sure it's not as bad as fat people get shamed, but it shouldn't just be ignored yknow?

teaandtoastify Answer:


oh my god, the world is fueled by fat jokes, shaming celebrities for gaining weight, people not being able to wear LOADS OF MAINSTREAM CLOTHING because they’re not in plus sizes, (AND CLOTHES IN PLUS SIZES USUALLY ARE REALLY UGLY BECAUSE DESIGNERS ARE LIKE IDGAF WHAT THEY WEAR; SKINNY BITCHES IS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT!!!) magazine covers/fashion catalogues filled with thin women, model tv shows where you won’t even SEE a big girl in auditions because you KNOW they’ll never be accepted anyway, airbrushing adverts so girls look thin

because that’s what society says is attractive. and i don’t think you can compare some dumb comments about skinny girls to the struggle big girls go through DAILY so shut up i am really angry about this. instead of making this about you START TALKING ABOUT BIG GIRLS. all the beautiful girls who deserve to be told they’re beautiful on a daily basis!!! they can’t do this or that without being made fun of, they can’t even wear a FUCKIN LEGGINGS without people laughing at them behind their back or right in their face or people pointing out their double chin or rolls. SO SHUT UP, PLEASE